Wednesday, November 15

Capstone Presentations (Fall '07 Edition)

Chris Zinkham, Kirstan Gides & Steve Bring complete their degrees in December. Each of them offered their senior presentations to an audience in the McKelvey Theater on Wednesday night.

Things I learned from these presentations:
  • Steve Brink has family connections to journalism, writing and media. He revealed he has relatives who served as writers and editors for national publications, including his grandfather at Newsweek.
  • Chris Zinkham realized making the client happy is the top priority in commercial production. He proudly showcased his CCCS commercial he produced for BC 410.
  • Kirstan Gides revealed her own, personal checklist for students studying communications closely resembles Dr. Barner's "Checklist for Success in Broadcasting."
What's left for this bunch?
  • Each student will now shadow a working professional connected to their career goals.
  • These three will also put together a time capsule for the Spring BC 602 class to bury in the quad in May.


Stevi said...

This was my first capstone presentation and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised to know some of the things that I learned about Kirstan, Steve, and Chris and I've been going to school with them for 4 years!! I didn't know Kirstan used to announce sports, I didn't know Chris liked commercial production, and I didn't know Steve wants to teach! It was really awesome! You should require your classes to go to some of the capstone presentations (preferably not ours ;)...I wish I would've sooner.

Amy said...

I've gone to all the capstone presentations since I've been a broadcasting major, and every single one has been completely different. I like to hear each individual's story and what they've been through and their most defining moments. The presentations last night really hit me because I realized I'm next. I was in the same classes as these guys (and Kirstan :)) and it made me think about what I want my presentation to be like. Kinda scary...but awesome job guys!!!

Laura K. said...

i'm bummed that when the BC kids had to do a post about graduates capstone blogs no one picked me! everyone loves pat too much! also...I wish I had a day off to visit and I'm mad that I missed seing sebas!