Tuesday, December 5

The Best of the BC 251 Mini-movie Showcase


We gathered on Monday for the BC 251 Mini-movie Showcase and the audience voted. The fan favorite of the showcase was Woosub Lee's RACIST FART. Lee also had a hand in producing the runner up mini-movie, A DAY IN REVERSE. Lee co-produced/co-directed that project with Alex Hines, Nicole Piszczor and Christina Roseto.

Our guest judge, Jimm Needle ('03 Broadcast Comm alum/BC 251 success story) was kind enough to take the day off from his busy schedule. He's a digital media producer and director and traveled back to New Wilmington. He offer his expert opinion on the mini-movies. Jimm selected TOOTHBRUSH by Megan Alexander, Tom Benoit, Amanda Conway and Shayna Marti as the best group mini-movie. He gave the judge award for individual project to NIGHTMARE ON CAMPUS by Shayna Marti.

You can see all the mini-movies submitted for this showcase at the MINI-MOVIE SHOWCASE WEBLOG.

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Stevi said...

I'm so glad I was there for the showcase it was really neat. I'm just mad that our 251 class didn't get to do it!