Sunday, December 10

Wrapping Up BC 601

Students are now reflecting/reviewing senior projects. Their final two blog entries this semester will focus on addressing what they accomplished with senior projects and selecting an outside resource for feedback.

They're identifying outside professionals they will connect with over the winter break to assess the projects. Some will likely go back to the Westminster alum they featured in their alumni project. Others will go beyond the WC family.

When the return for BC 602 at the end of February we'll step back and see what can be done to enhance what they have done and focus the transition to the next step after graduation.

Mike Wolenski had some interesting comments about capstone presentations for the spring including the idea of allow students to chose alternatives to the lecture showcases that we now use. I think it would help the course if the class deconstructs the current model for presentations and rebuild it. We can make it better.

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