Sunday, February 4

The Million Dollar Fantasy

This week, BC 602 student Mike Wolenski frames our blog assignment. Here's what he wrote as he directs our efforts:

"For those of you who have seen Office Space you should know where I'm going with this, for those of you who haven't - shame on you. The purpose of this blog is to focus on your dreams and ambitions. Answer the question "what would you do if you had a million dollars and didn't have to work?"

My Response

WHOO HOO! Someone Can Quit!
A cool $1-million would make it nice-- but I can't quit. A million dollars is not what it use to be. Heck, they hand it out as prize money on game shows now. Lots of houses in my community cost more than that. I would find some savvy financial planners and do some major investing to make sure I could let my wife retire now and work with our daughter Emma. This would also allow her to take classes and explore new interests. Creating some sound investments with a million bucks would present us with an opportunity to build the type of home Emma could grow with and accommodate her needs. Of course I'd continue with my position at Westminster. I like what I do. I'm happy with where I am and the people I interact with (students and faculty). However, when I finish with my terminal degree I'd love to focus on allowing my wife to discover new opportunties. My passion has clearly shifted to my family's needs and dreams. Nearly ten years Tess changed my world. A million dollar nest egg would seriously let me invest in her, Emma and Amy and perhaps other little Weavers. That kind of money would afford me the peace of mind and financial freedom to focus on becoming a better parent and teacher. Geez- does it always come down to money?

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Liz Farry said...

I like those ideas. It's nice when money brings out the best in people.