Sunday, April 29

MONDAY, APRIL 30: BC Capstone Presentations!!!

  • Monday, April 30, 2007
  • Mueller Theater inside the McKelvey Campus Center
  • Day Session Begins @ 11:45 Featuring Elizabeth Farry & Stevi Nelson
  • Evening Session Begins @ 6:00 with an Intermission and Light Refreshments at 6:45

The public is invited. Students will make presentations addressing their senior project, the liberal arts experience, their body of work as professionals and frame it with their career goals.

Elizabeth Farry
Presentation Title: Telling the Story of my Future
Description: My presentation will highlight the things I’ve done during my time at Westminster, both on campus and off, which have not only prepared me for a career in broadcasting, but have shaped who I am today. I’ll show some of my work and talk a bit about how that’s going to help me get where I’m going.

Stevi Nelson
Presentation Title: My So Called Life After Westminster
Description: I will present my capstone presentation be highlighting elements from my radio and television resume tapes. I will connect this to how my experience in broadcasting as well as my course work at Westminster inside and outside the major has helped prepare me for what lies ahead after commencement.

Mike Wolenski
Presentation Title: Famous Last Words
Description: San Francisco, California; Youngstown, Ohio; New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. A collision of cities shape the college experience for Michael Wolenski. This presentation is a review of my senior project, liberal arts experience, and body of work.

Aidan Mewha
Presentation Title: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...
Description: I will demonstrate how my strong skills in broadcasting have combined with rest of my liberal arts education to create a supernova of creative energy that was released in the form of my sitcom script and short film screenplay. I will also showcase some of my broadcasting highlights at Westminster and possibly perform an interpretive dance.

Amy Lavallee
Presentation Title: Our Own Little World & Beyond
Description: I plan on talking about my years at Westminster, what I did in broadcasting and how it worked for me, and finally...I will show my E-portfolio.

Leanne Veres
Presentation Title: Experience Is Major Stepping Stone
Description: I will explain how my liberal arts education and experience in broadcasting has opened doors for me in other fields, and also showcase my works with Titan Radio, The County Line, WKST (Forever Broadcasting), FSN Pittsburgh, and the Holcad.

D.J. Yokley
Presentation Title: Pursuit of Happiness
Description: I've been thinking of my time here at Westminster. Ive also been thinking about the people I want to be at my capstone presentation, and why? Obviously I want my mom there, I'd also like my girlfriend and her family...All of my friends, ESPN producer Denny Wolfe, and a few select teachers from my days as an East Palestine Bulldog. I want to share highlights of my senior project as well as touch on my work with sports broadcasting-- on Titan Radio, WCN and Titantown Sports. My goal is to someday work at ESPN and with hard work and determination I know I can get there.

Watch the TCL Vlog Tribute produced to the 2007 BC Capstone Students! Produced by Thomas Miller.

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Tandi said...

Congratulations everyone! Will the presentations be taped and placed on your blog Mr. Weaver, so we can watch them later! I'm so proud of everyone! They'll all do well!