Saturday, April 28

"Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." John Dewey

It's now time for BC Capstone students to focus on wrapping up projects for other classes as they also finish the last episodes of The County Line. I'm sure these folks will make trips down memory lane during DJ shifts and in the newsroom as they play out the final days of the semester. The countdown is underway for exams and graduation. Monday's capstone presentations gave this bunch one last chance to stand in front of the campus community and their families as the big dogs in the BC department-- one final chance to shine-- to show us what they've achieved as they move on to the next big thing.

This round of presentations were on target and showcased the e-portfolios, senior projects and the professional experience that will serve them well in the next phase of their lives.

Stevi Nelson's presentation was exceptionally memorable as she gave it an ending with a twist that no one will forget-- she revealed she had a job offer in sales at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh. Congratulations, Stevi! I'm confident success will also find our other capstone students.

Mike's Wolenski's presentation focused on his achievements and growth over the past few years. He worked to showcase his efforts while entertaining the audience. While Mike didn't slip in any surprise ending, he also has a head start on his future. He currently directs the news on weekends at WYTV. However, I'm sure bigger and more challenging things are headed his way. Congratulations Mike!
Congratulations, Leanne!
Congratulations, Amy!
ions, Liz!
Congratulations, Aidan!
And, Mr. Yokley, good luck on things for this summer!
The learning and experience does not end now. It's continues.

Lessons learned from the presentations:
  • BRING YOUR E-PORTFOLIO. If all else fails (jump drives, portable hard drives, network drives and internet connections) you can access your work on the portfolio.
  • Shorter is better. Keeping presentations under 15 minutes is a big plus over previous years. Perhaps we should consider 10 minute presentations?
  • Chose a venue that will remain cool. While the Mueller Theater is a new facility, it was stuffy and hot. It's heavy usage on a class day added to the stale environment.


Tandi said...

I'm sure they were great and I wish I could've been there to see them!!! I'm planning a Pittburgh trip in October and would love to visit the next capstone class!

I'm so proud!!!

Kirstan Gides :) said...

You were in Vegas when I happened to come in last time! How did that go anyhow? I will see you next week for graduation :)