Wednesday, May 21

Video for the sake of video

Blogging some video off YouTube just because it's fun to watch...

One of the "news pegs" used in broadcast newsrooms that J-schools really don't teach to is the compelling "video or audio" element. I'm sure they use the "compelling" photograph news peg at newspapers, even if they don't want to take responsibility for how it drives content. In
television, this explains the endless number of useless, low impact stories. Think about all those fires at abandoned buildings. The assignment desk always makes
any fire more important by justifying it through the video.

"We have flames," someone will shout across the newsroom.

The next thing you know those flames are in the A-block and there's a video tease. Consider all those worthless traffic accidents you see in small and large market newscasts? Do we have video? If you do, it's in the rundown and the less sexy, but high impact story from an important government meeting is cut.

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Chris Norris said...

Its going well thanks. I work a lot hours with a lot of driving but I get a lot of freedom to do what I want. Right now, Im working on the opening for when the Scrappers take the field. Its going well and is going to look just like the "league of clutch commercials" that gatorade does ( with a lot of 3-D movement and color selection. Ill be sure to post the finished result.