Wednesday, June 4

Broken News

The Onion News Network pokes some fun at the hype stations place on breaking news...don't let the facts get in the way of the coverage. The breaking news culture feeds the frenzy in this spoof as the producers have an obit graphic ready for the reporter on scene in this mock live report. If only the real news tried as hard as ONN.

Breaking News: Something Happening In Haiti


Chris Norris said...

Yeah it was all done in After Effects...except for the text (photoshop) and the highlight at the end (premiere pro). Thats good news. Perhaps Chuck FINALLY gets it! Season does not start until June 17th but I am definitely prepared for HOT weather. What did you thnk of my video compared to the league of clutch one? Can you see the comparison? How close did I come?


Mike Wolenski said...

Mr. Weaver,

Where's the iPhone 3G blog post? I guess since they didn't add a video recording feature you're stuck with Flipper.