Thursday, September 16

Capstone Students Blog On This!!!

Lee Biermeyer,
The BC

BC Capstone student Lee Biermeyer took the plunge with producing THE COUNTY LINE this week. However, Lee's role did not end there. He also directed the show and is serving as the show's executive producer this semester.

But wait! Lee even found time to produce a TCL friendly package based on his documentary, The Ladies of the Duke. The TV feature piece Lee put together for TCL about the local restuarant gave us a nice sample of what he'll be serving up with his documentary in November.

BC 602 Blog Prompt for the Sept. 19 Deadline!!!

Tw0 Parts

Part One:
Introduce us to your off-campus expert. Provide a brief professional bio and summarize the person's expertise. Briefly explain why you selected this person and how they can help you in your project. Please also identify how this person can offer you constructive criticism through your production and post-production process. Give a few examples of input they have given you and what you have done with the feedback.
Part Two: Give us an overview of the production process so far in your project. What have you shot? Where have you gone? Have you logged your video? Be specific as you discuss your video and audio and analyze it with a critical eye. What has gone wrong? What has gone right? How will you address any problems? Will you re-shoot? Finally, offer us a summary of your plans for the next few weeks. Be specific when offering insight into when you will be completing a script and rough edit.

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