Tuesday, October 12

Stacks of Stalks

October 12, 2010

WILMINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa.--Each autumn in Lawrence and Mercer counties means the mulching and plowing under of corn stalks on most farms, but on the Amish farms in the area you'll find those corn stalks piled neatly into what locals call corn stalk teepees.

Johnston says where most farmers discard the old stalks, the Amish see an opportunity to recycle and turn a profit.

"I normally just mow mine down," Johnston told WCN. " But the Amish stack their stalks into the what you call teepee shape to dry out the stalks. It prevents mold and mice from destroying the stalks. They sell the dried stalks as decorations."

Check out our slide show and enjoy the brilliant colors a journey along Wagner and Allen roads in Wilmington Township in Lawrence County.

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