Tuesday, July 27

Capstone Blogging-What's this about?

What BC Students will do with the blogs
When BC Capstone students return to campus in the fall, I will require them to update their blogs weekly.  Their posts must address the following briefly and with specifics:
  • What I did this week in broadcasting...
  • What I did this week to advance myself toward my career objectives...
  • Students will also be required to comment on postings of their fellow capstone bloggers pages. 
  • They will also be required to reach out to cultivate visitors to the BC Capstone Blogs.
  • And finally offer a brief summary/review of an on-line article (with linkable address) about some topical event/issue in broadcasting or media that clearly connects with the student's interests and/or career goals.

Capstone Blog Outcomes
The blogs will offer students opportunties at self-reflection as upcoming graduates from a liberal arts college with a BA degree in Broadcast Communication.  It will also require students to take stock in their strengths and weaknesses and encourage them to challenge themselves.  Over the next several months, the blogs will challenge students to report in regularly on how they relate to the business of broadcasting on campus as well as in their career development.