Tuesday, July 27

TiVo clicker in one hand and an iPod in the other!!!

Just thought I'd mention that I caught up with some technology this summer.

For Father's Day I got TiVo.
Show's I find TiVo Worthy this week:

  • The 4400 on USA
  • Trading Spouses on Fox
  • The Amazing Race on CBS
  • Last Comic Standing on NBC
  • Dr. 90210 on Bravo
  • Futurama (all week) on Cartoon Network

The most TiVo Worth Shows of last week according to 07-27-04's USA Today:
Neilsen says TiVo's most recorded show for last week were:

  1. The Amazing Race (CBS)
  2. Last Comic Standing (NBC)
  3. Big Brother 5- Tuesday (CBS)
  4. The Simple Life 2 (Fox)
  5. Big Brother 5- Thursday (CBS)

Hmmm- all reality shows?

For my birthday I got an iPod.

News songs I downloaded this week:

FYI- It's cheaper to buy your music from Walmart.com because each song runs for 88 cents where Apple charges 99 cents.
BTW that's where I also buy all my books for my grad work at Pitt. I saved a bundle.

I really enjoy the TiVo & the iPod! Very cool gifts! Thanks, Amy, Tess & Emma!!!


Anonymous said...

Finger 11 rocks!

Patrick said...

I'm Jealous!!!!!!!

I got a RCA Lyra MP3 player from Walmart. It was like $89 and can hold about 25 songs. I bought an additional memory card for it (another $75) so now I can hold 75 songs. I should have just held out for an iPod for another $100!

Bring it for show and tell sometime!