Tuesday, July 27

Friendly Suggestions About Capstone Blog Entries

Some helpful suggestions about Capstone Blog Entries:

  • Keep you blog entries on track—directed to the mission of the blog which is self-reflexivity and a tool to update your fellow capstone bloggers and those you invite here up to date.
  • Never use the capstone blog to moan, groan, whine, complain or attack any one.  It’s unprofessional; it goes against the mission of this blog.  If you want free speech, create a separate blog independent of the Capstone Blog.  But remember, if you identify someone or a company, etc., as you make damaging characterizations, it stops being a  First Amendment issue—it becomes a slander or libel case.
  • Never blog about specific personnel matters in your classes or at your work.  In addition to being unprofessional, you could be breaching qualified privilege matters in the work place and put your employment at risk.

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